Welcome to our new homepage!


Welcome to our new homepage!

To embody our vision of the future of Hardware for Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have launched our new website at the beginning of this year.
This new website notably includes :

  • Vision: is based on a vision : Probabilistic AI is the future of AI and need a dedicated hardware to perform well. The vision page relates the three waves of AI and the importance of the third wave: Probabilistic AI. It also mentions how Probabilistic AI addresses current challenges of AI.
  • Applications: Probabilistic AI, and by extension, architecture of, is an ideal solution for many applications. These pages describe how our solutions are used in several applications and respond to many real use-cases.
  • Technology: Our goal is to build an architecture which can enhance the power of Probabilistic AI. This page explains the main advantage of our technology and how our architecture can accelerate Probabilistic AI.
  • Company: Behind, there are people and history. This page relate some important facts relative to the company.

The new website is also a great opportunity to present our new blog. This blog will contain articles and news about probabilistic artificial intelligence as well as current topics relative to AI and hardware.