Jean Simatic
Chief Executive Officer

Jean is interested in the design and design automation of event-driven circuits from system level to protocol optimization.
He received the Ph.D degree from Univ. Grenoble Alpes (Grenoble) in 2017. He gratuated from École polytechnique (Paris), ENSTA ParisTech (Paris), and UPMC (Paris).

Karim Cherkaoui
Chief Technology Officer

Karim is a specialist in ultra-low power circuits and random number generation. He completed his PhD in applied cryptography in Hubert Curien laboratory at Saint-Etienne (2014). Karim worked on secured low-power circuits as a post-doctoral researcher from 2015 to 2017 at TIMA laboratory (Grenoble), and on dedicated hardware for Bayesian inference at ProbaYes during 2018.

Pierre Bessière
Scientific lead

Pierre has more 30 years of experience in Bayesian programming. He leads the Bayesian Programming research group and is a co-founder and scientific adviser of the ProbaYes. He also led two European projects, BIBA and BAMBI, and was a Partner in BACS.

Pluridisciplinary expertise

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